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Schedule this week:

May 31 Wed 12-5:30pm .

June 1 Thu, June 2 Fri 12-5pm .

June 3 Sat 11am-4pm .

June 4 Sun 12-4pm .

Holosun Solar Charged Sight model specifically produced to fit Glock MOS slides: $375. Retail $412. Always in short supply since their introduction May 2022.
Featured: CRKT CEO all black, $55 CASH [retail $80] FIVE TWO left at this price!!!
Ruger 10/22 3-9×40 scope pkg: $377 Cash. $393 V/MC. Includes rifle hard case! Ruger factory 15rd mags $32ea. Special: get TWO 15rd mags for $50!
Savage MKII FVSR .22lr bolt action rifle: $287 Cash. $299 V/MC. 16″ heavy fluted threaded barrel, full length top optic rail, Accutrigger. Factory 10rd mags $22ea.
Delton 5.56 upper $335 Cash. $349 V/MC.
Whether its a basic upper above or a specialized upper shown below,
if you wanted a low power variable optic as a versatile sighting option,
the Firefield 1-6×24 is unbeatable at just $165! Includes flip-up caps, one-piece base, magnification throwlever, red and green illuminated reticle!
Spikes Tactical color fill Punisher lower w/ Bravo B5 stock $320 Cash. $334 V/MC.
ATI lower w/ PWS QD end plate, Mission First Minimalist stock $285 Cash. $297 V/MC.
ATI stripped lowers $57 Cash. $59 V/MC.
Quantity purchase PREPAY insane special: get FOUR for $200 Cash. $208 V/MC.

Are you going to procrastinate on DEALS? Supposedly the new restrictions by HPD that were set for July 1, 2023 including prerequisite classes required for general longgun permit-to-acquire, additional requirements for handgun permit-to-acquire, and more restrictions for CCW permits – have been staved off to January 2024 – and firearms-interested individuals are not taking advantage of the clear deals I’ve been offering! Would it be wise to hold off securing even simple yet crucial rifle mags over 10rds, or securing AR15 lowers/rifles? What if they put in copycat restrictions that now affect WA? This could be as soon as Jul/Aug/Sep! You’d certainly regret your procrastination! https://www.usatoday.com/story/graphics/2023/04/26/washington-bans-assault-rifles-weapons-list-of-states/11741980002/

Prioritize your want / need budget because once further restrictions are put in place, what we thought we only wanted would have been needed and then be unobtainable.

Springfield Saint 32rd 9mm mags: reg $35ea
Get FIVE for $160 (that’s only $32 each)
Ruger 10/22 25rd twin packs: reg $58/pack
Get TWO twin packs for $100 (that’s only $50 per twin pack; $25 per mag!)
Spikes Tactical 9mm Colt & Glock mag type lowers on sale. Completed uppers using remaining 9mm inventoried components are on closeout! Get ’em while they last!
Fortis K2 Locking end plate w/ QD sling mount ($67.95),
Fortis ambi selectors ($54.95) in Blue and new for 2023: Olive Drab!
Magpul Gen3 20rd .308 Pmags: $24.95ea
Bushmaster AR15 30rd 5.56 mags: $19.95ea
Magpul Gen3 30rd 5.56 Pmags: $16.95ea
Magpul Gen2 30rd 5.56 Pmags: $14.95ea
ALG trigger set $79 BCM trigger set $69.95
Rise Armament Blitz trigger packs: $199ea
Great deal; they include anti-walk pin sets!
Bravo Concealment Holsters & mag pouches BLOWOUT Cash deals!!
Any TWO : holster / mag pouch $40 Cash (each item regularly $30 – so this deal is an insane $10 off each holster or mag pouch!)
Sticky Holsters ON SALE!! Many models for wide array of handguns. Single, Double mag pouches too! ALL 15% off retail pricing! Items $28 —> $24 Items $38 —> $32
Springfield Emissary 9mm 4.25″ barrel
In stock: $1,305 Cash. $1,359 V/MC.
These awesome 1911s have been very
hard to find since introduction in 2021.

Excellence in design and finish! [ret $1,378]
.45acp Emissary prepay discount price:
> Prepay $1,275 Cash. $1,329 V/MC.
Springfield Saint Victor 9mm AR15
> Prepay $1,199 Cash. $1,249 V/MC.
16″ barrel w/ blast deflector, B5 Systems
stock and grip, nickel boron flat trigger,
ambi selector, QD end plate, folding sights.
Includes rifle soft case! [retail $1,299]
Hornady Frontier .223 fmj 20rd box $17.95, buy 10 or more: $16.95ea
Spikes Tactical Billet Crusader 5.56 AR15
> Prepay $1,675 Cash. $1,745 V/MC.
Ultra light 14.5″ w/ perm.att.R2 brake,
Spikes pistol grip, Magpul CTR stock,
ambi selector, Spikes billet F+R sights.
Includes rifle hard case! [retail $1,920!]

Concealed Carry Classes $225

Reservation deadline Saturday June 3

classroom June 11 Sun 12-5pm

qualification June 17 Sat 8-10am

Electronic optics are always nice – and yet
iron sights will be the most reliable backup

Mission Bravo Carbine Class: Sat June 17 check website: missionbravo.com

Prioritize training – advance your skills!

Train on Oahu at Mission Bravo courses and travel to gain even more experiences!

Firearm Gallery: beautiful, exceptional, sublime, motivating, awe-inspiring and more!

At first glance it appears to be a basic 1911. However, those who look closer and are astute will be pleased to see subtle yet serious purpose-driven custom work done to this undeniable classic.
Vastly improved sights over original basic issue, Wilson Combat ambidextrous safety, commander hammer, beavertail grip safety.
National Match bushing fitted and Dawson Precision light rail for Surefire X300.
Many would not immediately notice the trim and efficient magwell ‘hidden in plain sight’ at the base of the grip panels.